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​Modern Seducer

This song is by So Does Your Mother and appears on the album Neighbours (2015).

He's stunned
By the bass
(By the bass)

In his hand
Vodka 'n' lemonade

He tries to seduce
He tries to get laid
(Get laid)

He's a naked dancer
In the space
(Naked dancer in the space)

He's a naked dancer
In the rave

With his moves
He amuse
He seduce
The ladies

With his dance
And the sweat
His romance
Is completed

Naked on
Naked on
Naked on
The dancefloor

His tecnique
Is unique
So Modern

He's hot
He makes you wet
(He makes you wet)

You covet
His glance
(His glance)

Give him
All you can
(All you can)