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E36 (Sofas And Quills)

This song is by SoGreatandPowerful and appears on the album S2 (2012).

Maybe you can find a -
Maybe, sofas and quills
Sofas and quills, we're going
Number one! and you know it
Sofas and quills, we're gone
None of you will ever grow, ever love,
Because none of you will ever row,
Though life is but a dream.
You fasten every seam.
You wanted to be-

Draggin' round this town
Dragging round directionless
- One can see one's self
With the world
It can be different
In the mood for love
Dragging dragon's heavy heart
One can see one's self
With the world!
It can be different

Birthday everything,
Everything could be different

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