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Dashy / Hearth's Warming Eve

This song is by SoGreatandPowerful.

Dashy you're so wrong for a cloud of dust.
The hands of the clock recall the flight we took to abscond.
Dashy you're so strong, so take your time.
The Wonderbolts will wait for you to cross the red line.

Destiny is strange, isn't it?
It's 1982 and you're still alone, girl.
Just take my hoof, my little pony girl.

Dashy takes a fall; it shakes her bones,
Fixed upon the wings we made from wax museums.
Dashy sings my song at breathless speeds.
Become the thing your dreaming mind reminds you daily.

Destiny is strange, isn't it?
It's 2012 and you're still alone, girl.
Just take my hoof, my little pony girl.

Rosy eyed,
Hello, rosy-eyed girl with the rainbow mane, azure coat.
Rosy eyed, ethos both abode and airy territory.

The earth is round; there is no up or down.
To wander endlessly forward... (stake a territory)
Lines of escape we make. Organs of capture call us home,
These fuzzy, uncountably infinite sets of holes! (stake a territory)
They found a place to share, to raise the day, and light the night.
A mare without a map, but it's still alright!

Yeah, every age has its own poetry. Every stage, circumstantial of history. Every page, words shrouded in mystery: memento mori, crowning glory, so says the story. Choose a nation, a god, a race, a class to shake. Take up the torch for the world that we make. Must be of the heart, expressed or transcended. Together not apart, in love, here we are. Amor fati.

Last year we found each other,
So put our hooves together,
And wrap me with your feathers
To make it through this winter.

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