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Spider Love

This song is by Snuff Pop Inc..

Spider love

Arachnidella checks out flies
Sabre queen fertilizes young boys
Six foot fatal and dripping with danger
Gimme your urge I've got a thousand lives

Flesh pots to go
In cobweb brothels
Love me tender I can't move (six foot fatal dripping danger)
I wanna be hated by you

I fear something's wrong with my liver
It just came up and it doesn't look right
My life is dangling in garters hanging from the ceiling
I gotta know, are you diabolic or are you divine?

Flesh pots party
Spirit away my hunger
Love me tender in a box (loving me loving me loving)
I wanna be loathed by you

You're my pre-necrophilic predestination!

Sucking blood from lipstick smeared gashes on my neck
Feel the demon drink, fill the demon up
Entering the beaver through an aura of perfume
Oh baby, soak in juice my body numb!

Eight-legged lady
Loving me to death
Don't put a stop to your madness (come on baby put me to da test)
I wanna be detested by you

Eight-legged lady
Loving me to death... (loving me...)

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