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So Subtle

This song is by Snowsera and appears on the album Fictions (2008).

This song is featured in the television series One Fine Day!.
I walked home in the rain tonight,
You call me out but it's alright.
I'd rather walk it off tonight,
Then see you shine in the moon light.
We said all we needed say,
I found a chance and slipped away,
The streets were so sullen and gray,
A void of color just like my say.

Maybe is half way there,
You're so subtle and you're oh so fair.
Maybe is half way there,
So subtle, so subtle, so subtle.

It's a quiet and clever stake,
Admit to nothing, it was all just fake,
Apologies I had to make,
We found a life fit for mistake.
It's going down in the middle of the night,
We walk side by side tonight,
Hold my hand, I don't wanna fight,
I don't wanna be with anyone else tonight.

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