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Tidal Wave

This song is by Snowmine.

I've been running alone in slow motion
You're waiting back home but you're breathless
And I've been looking for someone to love
While you've been looking for someone you loved
We tossed and we turned our oceans
You're walking back home and you're breathless
Cause you were looking for someone to be someone you lost
And I just wanted to hold you
To hold you when you were lost

But you hit me like a tidal wave
I could hardly run and I couldn't escape
I get the feeling that you're far away but I could feel the earthquake
'Cause when you shake, I shake, we shake we shake
When you shake, I shake, we shake we shake
Try not to wonder if we're making mistakes
Or I'll be broken when the wave breaks, wave breaks

I love how you're afraid of talking too much
But I'm just afraid of not saying enough
I try to keep quiet when I'm thinking too much
Just let you sedate me
But isn't this crazy?

Look we just went from strangers to friends
Look how long it's been
Now friends to lovers and we're under covers
Can't seem to stop letting this great wall of water
Wash over my own better judgement

But it's always the same when I catch your crystal tears
You storm my gates when no one's guarding

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