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Uh Uh

This song is by Snow Tha Product and appears on the album Run Up Or Shut Up (2010).

Girl you wild (Uh, uh)
And you foul (Uh, uh)
You tripping now? (Uh, uh)
You tricked out (Uh, uh)
You going down (Uh, uh)
The fake in town (Uh, uh)
That's what I heard and see I can't tell you how

I heard you mess with broke bitches (Uh, uh)
Your car is rented (Uh, uh)
And that your trick is (Uh, uh)
I heard you slipped in (Uh, uh)
They say you senseless (Uh, uh)
So now I'm thinking (Uh, uh)
If that's the truth then why you telling me it isn't?

(Verse 1: Sho Killa)
Girl, go on and stop face propping
What kind of food you take in?
I ain't even know what your ass been doing lately
Go 'head and straighten yo act and be a lady
Cause the shit I'm hearing evidently got your boy thinking
Thinking Imma hit it, then quit it
And goddamn she won't miss it
And when I'm done girl, go on up your business
Show ain't finished but you damn sure is
I got 'bout 10 homeboys, take 'em out by your crib
And I won't amend cause for you, I lost respect
And you were part of my team, but I cut you like a check
I be with nothing but the best and you would be a downgrade
My heart is cold as ice but I'm 100 in the shades
So know not today what I'd trick for you
I'd kick you out my ride, I ain't taking you - NOWHERE
'Cause with you girl I'm done
And you thinking you know about me, but you don't know nothin'

(Verse 2: Snow Tha Product)
I got like 10 calls with some drama and some randomness
Got me kinda wondering if a man like you can handle this
Boy, I'm about to have a fit 'cause I just cannot manage it
You talking smack and acting like you don't know that I'm the baddest chick
I got these haters talking, huh, 'cause they know my whop is up
Dollars got my pockets stuffed, they mad cause this chick balling, huh
Got them boys talking mess they wishing they could knock this home
Saying that they got it but I dropped them when they hollered
'Cause I don't mess with broke dudes, so boy don't make me roast you
'Cause I done heard around that you be lying about your dough, too
So why you acting brand new? Boy, I don't understand you
These haters goin' to hate, but look here, I ain't into scandals
So, yeah, you need to ask who talking smack about you
'Cause I see haters got you angry and thinking bad, too
But they ain't got no cash, boo
If I was them, I'd be mad, too
Haters hate you doing good, so yeah, they going to bash you

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