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Tell Em

This song is by Snow Tha Product and appears on the album Run Up Or Shut Up (2010).

Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em this, that
Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em this, that
Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em, tell 'em this and you can tell 'em that
But I'm out getting chips, and where the hell you at?

Pockets kinda chunky, call them Campbell's
Deep pockets and I'm looking kinda shallow
So these haters getting mad
'Cause they can't get out my shadow
But the product got the weapon
And the posse got the ammo
If you wanna bust a Rambo I can bust a soprano
Cause the click stays strapped like some Jesus sandals
I'll be this, I'll be that, but don't believe a word of them
Cause that shit's just as fake as the stupid bitch you heard it from
I'm killing game and burgling them, spitting flames and burning them
These haters don't deserve me, huh, because they mad I'm serving them
No time for being worrisome, these haters ain't nothing
And I got a poker face with all these bitches bluffing
This chick's hot as an oven, the product stopping for nothing
I'm popping, locking, and busting, these chickens off and be clucking
So watch me get my dumb kids and ride this thing out
Snow tha product's in this bitch, whatchu gotta say now?

(Verse 2: Snow Tha Product)
Tell them all that you done letting me in and that I'm stuck up
That I ain't ever going to do shit and that I'm fucked up
Tell them whatever you want 'cause I am what's up
And I know that you mad 'cause you're trash, dump truck
So run your mouth, tell your buddies that I'm not the shit
But when they get my mixtape and you're not hot as this
You about to watch your friends turn around the opposite
Direction as you question how can they be down with product bitch
So tell tell tell stories just as fake as you
And talk talk talk just as much as all haters do
And every time you talk music, bring my name up, boo
Cause every time you talk shit I'm your mamma's crib, I'm making loot
So bitter haters make your YouTube comments
'Cause I'm the shit and your boo boo honest
So let me do me while you do not shit
Money talks but you ain't even on the same topic

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