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Mami Go

This song is by Snow Tha Product and appears on the album Run Up Or Shut Up (2010).

Walk in, club packed, and I'm feeling myself
Young chick look good from my hair to my nails
Everybody staring seems to know me quite well
'Cause I'm looking so hot, you boys' ice might melt
Plus I heard you boy like it when I'm speaking Spanish
Got him on the wall, hoping he can handle it
He know no one does it better than a Latin chick
So when I drop it, the situation gets hazardouz
I said: "Mira, yo se que te gusto
Asi te sugero pon tu cuerpo en buen uso
Yo se que nadie bail mejor, te lo juro"
So I dropped it, and everybody yelled "Tubo!"
Mira mijo, mira lo que digo
I already tod you I can drop it asta el piso
This Latina señorita hit the scene up
Making heat up whenever she be repping with estilo

He like it when I'm speaking Spanish, so he's after me
Amigs got the whole club, no one's hot as me
From the shoes to the purse, I'm so fine it hurts
And I know what I'm worth, no apologies
Look at mami go (when I walk in the door)
Look at mami go (when I step on the floor)
Look at mami go (when I put it on a mic what I meant he started hyperventilating when I got low)

Yo se que se emocionocuando entre yo al antro
Quiere conocerme y conversarr por buen rato
Quiere platicar pero yo quiero bailar
Y si me quieren criticar, ay porfavor ni al caso
Yo soy la mera mera la mejor de las raperas
Que se oponga la que quiera yo líricamente mato
Pues a mi me vale con que el DJ diga dale
Porque todo el mundo sabe que soy la reina del rap, yo
I know he like it when I roll my r's
He said he ain't never kicked it with a real star
Said I go hard, can I meet him at the bar
'Cause he wanna take a lil trip in his car
I said "Slow down boy, you need to stop but please.."
'Cause I ain't even known him for 10 minutes and he already jacking me

(Post Verse)
When I step in the club, all the dudes turn they heads
And their girls wanna slap they face
Cause shoot I look good, no matter where I go
See, I ain't only pretty on MySpace

He want it 'cause I spit hot and heavy
I got you ready to quit
I drop it steady the top with plenty of chicks
They not that many that got the credit to spit
I rock, they're ready and talk, too many will flip
I know you know the flow will go to the peak
I throw them bows, bulldoze the hoes till they weak
I show to most the flow is pro when I speak
I grow some more get pros to work with when I speak
Now he want it 'cause he told me so
He said he never been with a Latin chick that flow before
So he said "what'd it do?", I showed him what's the biz
He wanted to give me the ring and want me to have his kids
I said "Slow down boy, you need to stop but please.."
'Cause I ain't even known him for 10 minutes and he already jacking me

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