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Latinos Stand Up

This song is by Snow Tha Product and appears on the album Run Up Or Shut Up (2010).

Snow White!
Where are my Latinos at?
See, I think y'all are forgetting something
And I'm gonna tell you what that shit is...

(Verse 1: Snow Tha Product)
Mira, yo soy la niña, la que le dicen la palida y
Traigo fuego, si quieren van a nesesitar savila
Yo me respeto y solo les voy a dar calidad
Y oi que querian guerra, pues vamos, dale que aqui va
Yo soy-so soy la fina la mera, mera, pos que buscaban?
Vengo a decirlo mi estilo si que muy bien desgarra
Y traigo a Chen asi que ni dicen nada
Soy Snow White, la unica rapera que no es tan naca
And I'm the shit, both in English and in any language
Take it how you want it or take it with something stainless
I'm well aware of what I'm doing and what my range is
I'm a beast with this lyric shit and I know I'm something dangerous
For all my people that ain't think they represented
This is Hip-Hop, Latinos have been up in it
Since Pun, since the beginning, we've been in this for a minute
We spitting some iller, realer shit, they need to fucking get it

(Verse 2: Temperamento)
LLego el veterano, vete tu eres un enano
Cuando un chamaquito queria ser un Italiano
Watching movies got me shooting clips, move it like I'm moving clicks
Puerto rican man, got a clan full of lunatics
Haciendo de esto gotta pay bills really quick
So me la paso en la computadora making mega chips
Esto es lo que hago, papi, no soy un slacker
Quiero el mundo completitio, wish I wasn't (?)
I'll take over, got a range, I'm a range rover
Mastermind mentality, see, I enter and then the game's over
Me retiro with the cash, yo escribo with the class
Te lo juro, Imma beat her from the past
Yo soy primero, no nunca creeo en el last
I don't need a record label, I already got my fans
Yo soy primero, no nunca creeo en el last
I don't need a record label, I already got my fans

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