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Killin Game

This song is by Snow Tha Product and appears on the album Run Up Or Shut Up (2010).

Check the clothes, che-che-check the clothes
Popping daily so I, popping daily so I

Get them real men like what, what
Put your damn cups up, ugh yep
You should know that Snowhite is what's up
Double dodging stuff, I hit the stage and make the club jump
Bass beating down your block, so I call it tough love
Snowhite the Mastermind, guard your fucking brain, ho
I be murdering these tracks, no contest, case closed
And I got my hands all up in this shit like Play-Doh
Many mobile shit this little chick is getting pesos
Rap off the tacky bitches, stacking chips, and making loot
If I'm that specific, I be making hella loot
And if you want it bad enough, then I'd suggest you get it, too
Chain looking like captain crunch, the stones are yellow, red, and blue
When I got that bass, like boom, make them say "Ooh"
When I go and hit the floor, they see a Latin chick that moves
Snow Tha Product, go get her, killing game, bitch
Sneezing when I see you, I'm allergic to your lameness

I've been balling since before you kids was out of elementary
Original at this, and all you is is just a parody
So I walk hysterically they look at me they cherish me
And I ain't got to ask a mirror who the fuck the fairest be
Snowhite, Miss Pale-Skin, game killer playing this
Walk it like I talk it, first I do it then I say it, boo
You be with the lamest dudes that saving hoes, they saving you
I'm a real money getter, and a real fucking winner, and I'm doing what I came to do
Fix your fucking face when you looking at a real chick
Bitch, I'm getting cake, and been up 'bout this for a minute
If you ain't got shit to say then close your fucking mouth and pay attention
I'm the real kinda girl and I shouldn't got to mention
I'm the best, you know, you can check the clothes
From the head to toes, like a badge to bow
So you can close your mouth and you can clean your chin
Bitches doing when they see the fresher gucci shit I'm in

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