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I Ain't Gon Change

This song is by Snow Tha Product and appears on the album Run Up Or Shut Up (2010).

Man I got a call 'bout 11 o'clock
So I had to step out and step in the garage
And as I looked down and I checked who had called
I had noticed it was you and I text you to stop
I had to hit you with the "not now" with the "hold up"
Even though you know I'm not down you like "so what"
I'm looking at the bigger picture but you want a close up
What we had is in the past now you wanna show up
I remember what you put me through
And I remember what you did when you did what you did back then
Now you wanna come around like I'm supposed to be down
Trying to fuck up everything and the situation I'm in
Hold up
Girl, I just wanna kick it 1 time
I ain't worried 'bout your man, hell naw I don't mind
What he don't know won't hurt him
I guess the saying is true when it pertain to you
Cause you be missing what you have like it's a thing to do
You left a dollar for a dime and now when things improve
You wanna call me up, talking 'bout "I'm swinging through"
And with them late night texts, talking all that mess
Saying to give you one night cause you were my best
Boy I don't really pay no mind to anything I've left
It must be something that you're missing, but I digress
I got a business meeting, no visiting
You be trippin' and hitting me up
Just to kick it and such
Now you tryna chill in the cut
Bet that isn't enough
Hit you with the "mmm hold up"
All I need is one time with ya
One more goodbye
One last kiss, one last try
He don't know you like I do girl
He don't hold you like I do girl
And to tell you the truth
He ain't got enough money to handle you girl

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