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I Jus' Lie

This song is by Snot and appears on the album Get Some (1997).

I jus lie like your type
I'm tellin' you what you want to hear
(Well can you really take me there)
Well it's what you need to feel before you spread them legs for me
Although I look your way you start to play those games again
And no I really don't wanna hear it now
Come here, shut up, you think this is real
And I jus lie when I speak, about the sexual prowess I got
(You know I'm not really great in bed)
Ten seconds down about 8 seconds longer than I got for you
Needed some quick relief and all I got was grief again
I guess I shoulda seen it comin' now
Shut up, lie down, put ya to the test, how'd ya guess

I Jus Lie
When this choice is not just mine
I Jus Lie
And no I don't make ties that bind
I see those games you play
And I'm wishin you'd go away
There is something I must find
Explain the reason why

I jus lie, and I'm tired of this fuckin' eggshell walk
(Ya like you did me a favor)
You think for one good screw I'd trust someone like you at all
Myself my own excuse, so sorry you got used again
And of course I'll call ya later, now
Shut up, get out, this one fell short, you wonder why

I just, I just lie, I just, I just, I just lie, I just
I just, I just lie just to fuck you, I just, I just lie

As soon as my dick does your mouth you're going south

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