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Unfinished Business

This song is by Sneaky Creekans.

Don't even try to fight it.
You might as well just give in.
You'll fall victim to procrastination.
You know you just can't win.

(Why do today what can be put off till tomorrow?
Why go out and pay for something you can borrow?
Why even say that you're going to change the nation?
Just one more day. Three cheers procrastination!)

Why should you even thing about going right and doing it now
Like you're some kind of jerk?
When you know damn well that there's always something in TV to watch
Instead of doing work.

And now you've got that big old deadline looming over your head,
Just push it back a few more days.
But I'm not gonna be the one on the street and kicking myself
Because you didn't get paid...

Now you sit down, young man, and take a good long look at yourself.
And think "well ain't this great?"
"How I got to go out and have myself a little fun."
All you had to do was procrastinate!

Three cheers!

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