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This song is by Sneaky Creekans.

And here I sit, faced with my decision.
Spending some quality time with the television.
I try to put on a face and say "I will not succumb".
But when I finally call your place, I feel so damn dumb.

(This isn't working anymore.
I can't feel anything anymore.
I try to fight it, but I'm so damn tired.

Can't raise my fists, anymore.)

All this time I thought I was the strong one.
But who's sitting at home while you're out having your fun?
While I've been slowing down you hit your winning streak.
While you got so strong, I've grown so damn weak.

I search for understanding.
I swear I'm not touching the phone.
I call for some compassion.
I just end up feeling more alone.

It's about this time, I've got to hang it up.
Gotta stop beating up myself; it's time I gave it up.

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