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Do Or Die

This song is by Sneaky.

Artist: Sneaky

Song: Do or Die

Beat: Unknown / Original

Typed By: Sneaky

Yeah Lil Sneak Dogg up in this mutherfucker

1300 block

This shit is poppin'

Another day I try to stay clean of the scene

With drama for your mama

Everytime you trying to stack that green

The magazine be busting

And I'm hustling for my paper

Gotta say yo blood

You know The block is fill with fucken haters

No help from the mayor

You on your own

Voice with a soft tone

With your polo cologne

Don't say nothing on the phone

Fivo hanging on the chord

I'm looking over my shoulder

Still a laos boys soilder

I'm dranking 40 stacking chip

Putting in clips don't slip don't trip

Get some kicks that have some good grip

Blood everybody for their self

You still got a heart to start a war

Fuck them marks

Peel them caps

Yeah that be smart

Lil sneak dogg

Can't go strait

So many punks that gone hate

So many muterfucken way they gone make

The scene imma shake

Ride on them buster

I don't give a fuck

To them punks bitches dicks they can suck

Where I'm from

Is do or die

When its time to ride

Nips on the block

Screaming out nutty side

Killa kali is where we bound to shine

Slang that A1 yolla

Looking out for one time

I'm living in the ghetto

Raise as a young hog

Just hold on

Don't let down

We all gonna make it dog

It's all about the looking back

Remerging the fast lane

Mama stressing so hard

I Gotta stop the mary jane

Its insane

Come feel me

I'm trying to do good

But every time I'm moving up

Mutherfuckers trippen on the hood

I gotta be back

Holding the strap

With the fivo in the corner

This shit is brazy (meaning crazy)

They'll kick in your door

And pull them straps on ya

Ain't no love for them fivo

Always trying to find a way to kick in your door

We call them ho's

They trippen where the spot I'll be at

I admit though them bitches got some fat ass strap

How can I live

It seems that I'm trap

I need to find a way out

But probably looking back

I'll be higher then before

When cast a spin up

When money ain't a thang

Then when I'm living it up


Ride up ride in

Welcome to the S.I.N (my neighborhood)

Walking through the block

Sippen on that juice and gin

6 time going brazy

Lazy boy got that 411

Info for the nutty side

Who ride load the nine

Hit the dank

What you thank

Everybody feeling cool

Smoking on the blunt

And rolling up that boogie boo

Now puff puff puff

Till you wanna fucken pass that J

My way the other way

Or hit it some more


Ain't mutherfuckers stingy on the BLOCK

Droppin' bombs

Putting it down for this NSLB

Putting suckers on their back

Is what my OG told me

Hate a b

Hate a g

Slanging them fat as these

Release out

All yo fucken anger

When you get caught up in the tangle

Beats on steady

Muthersfucers come equip

Mutherfuckers pass me the mic

And spit this lyrics

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