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The Western Film(Part 1)

This song is by Snakeskin Cowboys.

Oh, do a little dance
Oh, do your little dance now
Do it all for me now baby
Go to Hollywood for tonight
Stay alone, and be ready
Wow, what a sight it is to be free

The west is dry
The east is nice
Whoa! I made a mistake now
Do a... whoa! Ha.
Do your little dance tonight now
The way oh, you like it

Do your dance
Do your dance babe
Do your little dance now, ow!
Do your little dance
Oh, I made a movie! Yeah!

Before the night is done
After the night is done
The dance is not all gone out now
Before your little more song now
Whoa I made a mistake now
The west is dry
The east is nice

Play the music softly now baby
Oh, the music is...
Oh, the music... wow!
Oh the music is done, done, done for tonight now

Love is the world for you
The west is nice
The east is dry
The east is dry
The west is nice

Hey, hey
Hey, hey now
The west oh it's...
The east now is... no!

I just made a movie!

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