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Either We Won Or Lost

This song is by Snakeskin Cowboys.

The way the dice is thrown
It doesn't matter if you lost
It depends on who you are
The bartender is watchin' you throw
The dice is on the floor
The deal is the bet of the game
Oh, baby, oh

Either which way
We must have won or lost
Oh, tonight we won the game
The game of dealing now

Oh, baby
Oh now baby
Have you seen her?
Oh yeah!
Either which way
We must have
Oh, we have
Oh, baby we must have won or lost
And we won
Oh yeah baby

Let the winning team lose
Let the losing team win
Let the winning team win
Let the losing team lose

Oh, either which way we...
Oh, we won or lost the game
Oh, yeah baby
We won or lost

I won the game! Yeah!

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