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Have A Good Time

This song is by Snailhouse.

Some things are just too hard to say.
Like have a great time.
It's like breathing into my pillow.
If you notice anything out of the daily drama.
Confetti and the streamers cascade,
Maybe it's the party talking.

I want to say,
It won't give you what you want.
It'll only make it,
So you don't want it anymore.
Suitcase with the walkman stuffed in.
Maybe it's the ticket talking,
If you notice anything out of the dirty windows.
Maybe you'll have a good time,
Maybe you'll have a great time.
Falling asleep on the shoulder of a stranger,
I don't know where you're going.
Better get there before you decide to stay,
Your options got stale.
You used to have a day job,
Now all you do is have fun.

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