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Talk Like Sex, Part 2

This song is by Smut Peddlers..

(Feat. Kool G. Rap)

[G. Rap] "Rated X X X!"

(Scratched: "Rated X", "Can't you dig it honey?")

"Rated X... Rated X.."
[G. Rap] "Let me explain to you exactly what I'm doin'.."

(Kool G. Rap)
Yo for the ladies, two-hundred and thirty-five pounds of beef
(Uh-huh) Chinky eyes, low ceasar, gold teeth
Swingin' with this here stud, you need practice
I'm leavin' floods of blood... aiyyo
Who wanna deep throat the don dick (who?)
One bomb bitch can get a nigga freaky enough to fuck they armpits
Wear you out doggiestyle with some [?] lit
The splash in your ass crack make your thong stick
Face fuckin', come in all in they blonde shit
The annacond' spit all in your palms and lips
Face down and ass up (c'mon) beat it up like brass knucks
Two nasty ass mutts with they ass stuck
Plenty women to hit, sweet brown cinnamon stick
Try to tear the rim of the shit
Only rock with them feminine chicks
(?) Balls through my linen and shit, you fly bitch?
Put a VS-1 five carat gem in her clit
Mediocre bitches spit on the dick
I don't feed the needy, rich old cracker bitch see me
I'll be happy you paid to see me pee pee

(Scratched: "Rated X", "Can't you dig it honey?")

"Rated X... Rated X.."
[G. Rap] "I ain't bullshittin.."

Two thousand and one don't fill 'em full of cum
Bring it to the sperm bank for the nurse tongue
I need a slut to rip a horn off a rhino
Play the gyno and stick my arm up her dimehole
Exactly four years from today
The Olsen Twins'll be in they first three way
Even though bitches is gettin' [?] from it
Pull out and paint the map of Hawaii on your stomach!
... Or should I hit the tit?
Knock the infant off the other jug and then proceed to sip
... I smack chicks that bite dicks
Give 'em lockjaw then make 'em fight pits
... Ain't no virgin suicides
It's birthed backwards but your baby's got one eye
... Still stalk my ex
Pull out the cockler, and make her talk like sex

(Scratched: "Rated X", "Can't you dig it honey?")

"Rated X... Rated X.."
[G. Rap] "I ain't bullshittin.."

I'm gettin' clits wet under fishnets
I love to see how freaky a bitch gets
Shave the wolf[?] and like Macy Gray
If you lookin' like Ms. Melodie or Beyonce
Hoes and freaks get the kosher meat
Hit your whorehouse and leave it closed for weeks
"The 'P' Is Free" I ain't payin' money
So all you little sluts, come and jump on me
Christie Canyon, I love you
If I ever met you I'd wanna fuck you and a suck too
All co-eds that gargle jizz
So young don't even know what a condom is
Hand prints when the E spanks her
Sex watchin Scarface, now that's gangsta!
Pussy first, and the ass is next
Dick Starbuck... and I'ma talk like sex

(Kool G. Rap)
Ya heard? Thug style bitch
You know the deal
Rockin' along with my niggaz Dick Starbuck
And my nigga Cage, you heard?
Don't get it fucked up, they some nasty motherfuckers
Get your motherfuckin hymen ripped out

(Scratched to fade: "talk, like, sex")

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