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Impractical Joke

This song is by Smudge.

Keep it tight against your chest
This is my time
I'd like to see the table turned
Trade your placemat with mine
See if you can still make a ball
Or maybe eat the apple whole

And the furthest I could reach
Was as close as I had come
I'm in over my knees
And still the only one
Who has to get a grip on himself
I could use some outside help

It's already stale
It's just getting older and my side
Was sinking so quick
That the best I could do was jump ship

Waiting with bad bated breath
For the wind to change
It's just a well worn-out suggestion
To occupy the day
I wished that I knew when I threw it away
That I could deal with feeling this strange

But it sounds so similar
To something that I've done before
So I give myself a slap on the wrist
And you jam my hand in the door

It raises a smile from you
But it's only worth a by-line mention
A simple footnote from an impractical joke
Couldn't seem to hold your attention

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