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Get Wit It

This song is by Smoothe Da Hustler.

(Feat. Stones)

Smothe the hustler speaks

(Verse one)

Imma do it how I was meant to do it
A wise man told me first you feel the music then you get your flow into it
Next bk great in the making
Follow me through a limitless journey of domination
This is volume one of a timeless compilation
Perfect combination of faith and determintaion
And with that equation you'll witness the new invasion
Of the hip hop industry which the fans are awaiting
In the background's where I have bee chilling patient
Now I guess you could call this my presentation
To be the spokesman for the entire urban nation
Brother figure to the young, provide motivation
Lead 'em to the promise land off modern plantations
And from this day forth I swear to my resignation
I be the hottest nigga out of my generation
Making stones, pac, b.i.g., and jay adjacent

I don't think you niggas get it
I'm bout to be one of the best that ever did it I spit it because I live it
This my life homey this is not a gimmick
So you could either watch from a far or get wit it
(Repaet 1x)

(Verse two)

Touch not perform digital miricales on my visual lyricals
They say the way this kid spit it should be biblical
It's so original ya niggas is typical
You better step your game up it's getting critical
I know you spitting too but I'm not hearing you
I don't listen to ya niggas you pitiful
You sound miserable talking bout what you wish you do
You would'nt know hip hop if you was introduced
Naw dog you could hang if you was in a noose
I don't mess with you whack rappers so vamoose (fuck outta here) poof
You a liar I'm the truth
(How could I put it)
You a van I'm a coupe
Good and bad is the difference between me and you
This is sad how I gotta get it through to you
I be stones and I stand alone tell the king I'm coming after that throne (I'm coming for that thone)

(Verse three)

It's aot of niggas rapping to rap cause rapping is rapping
Steady running they yap but not making it happen
Talking 'bout how they trap and the gats they packing
They albums like a movie jam-packed with action
That's why I'm laughing 'cause I did the math and
It ain't adding up so I know that they acting
It ain't bad enough that they spitting that whack shit
But now your boy stones on the scene with that straight piff
I make it hard for these rappers to manage
Cause every time I spit a sixteen it do damage
And every time they spit a sixteen it just land in a category as a rhyme we have trouble understanding
That's because it's a whole bunch of nothing
A whole bunch of stunting
A whole bunch of fronting
A whole bunch of bluffing
A whole bunch of cussing
Which leads us back to a whole bunch of nothing
My music is raising the standards of the public
So you better tell your manager to raise your budget
Cause them lyrics that you spitting just ain't gon cut it
You gon need a fucking high price beat or something

Stones speaks

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