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I Came To Get Down

This song is by Smooth Tha Messenger and appears on the album Smooth Tha Messenger (2001).

I came to get down
Lay my problems down
No sitting around
I came to get down

Verse one:
It's time to leave your problems and your struggles and your worries on the ground
You wanna know why Smooth's coming to town
Better than ever but you can say it's hot to def
'Cause when you're coming to my show you're leaving so so def
It's been a while since you got down that's why I'm here
Bringing a funkadelic new sound pleasing to the ear
So what you waiting for go head and do it
Praise on in the midst of trials ain't nothing to it
I've been going through so many crazy things in life
Looked at myself in the mirror something ain't right
It's like I'm caught up in the corner in the middle of a fight
'Cause I've been getting beat down day and night
I let my problems take over just who I am
As I begin to look back I start to understand
It's time I relit the flame shine bright like a candle
So what you staring at we got business to handle cause

Verse Two:
I came to get my boogie on down nevertheless
Problems seem to stack higher than Mt. Everest
But I got to thank God because I'm truly blessed
And we all go through times when our life's a mess
But if you came to get on down
Tell the DJ to turn up the funky sound
And don't even care who's looking around
Take your problems and lay them right on down
What you sitting in that chair for you gotta to get on up
Only one life to live you need to live it up
Doesn't matter if young or old you'll still rip it up
Lay it down and give God your load you gotta give it up
Don't you want to live your life with more than defeat
All your problems that you had before push delete
It's time we relit the flame shine bright like a candle
So what you staring at we got business to handle