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Get Your Praise On (Remix)

This song is by Smooth Tha Messenger and appears on the album Smooth Tha Messenger (2001).

(Feat. Tha Wyzemen)

Party people in the place to be
If you feel like getting down in this place with me
Wave your hands in the air from left to right and
Scream and shout... oh yeah
If you're really got a feeling tonight
And if you got a problem it'll be all right
You just gotta get your praize on here tonight
And Scream and shout praise on

Verse one:
Are you ready for a bomb beat coming to you
From the streets of Los Angeles bringing the truth
Too smooth for the roughest thug up in the hood
Got the beats to make you bounce keep you all feeling good
Introducing new sounds from that kat Mr. Smooth
Get in the groove get your praize on let the spirit move
Get your hand raise on it's amazing when it lays on
Track plays on just to help you stay strong
Getting down for the father reason why I'm here
It's crystal clear like Jackie v so have no fear
What you heard for years is true the end is near
It's time to put away the drugs and drop the beer
I came to rock mics delivering the messages
It's not a test it's just word from the messenger
All you gotta do is get down so listen to the sound
Now throw your hands up and get your praize on

Verse Two:
Issues on yo mind tell me what you gonna do?
Time is running out for ya boo, you and ya crew
Voice on the script and no It's not the thing to do
Over 6 yrs on this field lil g's spittin' who
Gotta switch up-holdup this message from the messenger bout to blow up
Christ rein supreme reminisce back to the days when I was toe up
Dog back to my vomit in the throw up time to grow up
I be the emcee when you've fallen can't get up I say stand up
Smooth and the verbal one-only 16 bars to make you think
I'm not a shrink but hedz throwin' lives down drains like bathroom sinks
It's not about the ice or your girl wrapped in mink pretty in pink
Its about that hole in your heart and ya Benz ain't the missing link
Hope is mine for ya different mind state let all egos deflate
His Illumination so strong It would make you fall prostrate
I'm not here to debate the wedding is soon coming don't be late
New Era puttin' it str8 watching souls elevate

Verse Three:
It's time to get off your seat retreat
Throw yo hands up in defeat don't be discreet we bringing the heat
From the suburbs back to the streets increase
Give up on that decrease release as you personify peace
Of yourself let go, go with the flow lose control
Filled with a glow bling, bling to your soul
You know here we go bro man
A lot of you are saved but a few just ran from your calling
Anointed one still stalling the purpose of a minister
But you still stay balling like a criminal
Subliminal so critical
You'll be all up in my prayers when your life leases up John Doe
Oh, almost forgot a.k.a. who I be
RappsGallor, TCP, JayRockSki, 12th Tribe be,
Selah G's, VOICE and Smooth D
New family trees true saved emcees
Holla if you feel me