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Friend Of Mine

This song is by Smooth Tha Messenger and appears on the album Smooth Tha Messenger (2001).

All that your going through
The pain that's hurting you
Don't wanna live another day
Feel alone like a castaway
All of your hopes are gone
Everything seems to go wrong
Friend of mine you can dry your eyes
'Cause it's gonna be all right

Verse One:
Let me tell you a little story 'bout a friend of mine,
Born and raise in South Central introduced to crime
He had a father but his daddy was like never there,
He was either locked up drugged up or just didn't care
Almost every single night he stared up at the sky wondering why
His daddy didn't love and then he would cry
So momma took the role of mother and father
And did everything together cause pops didn't bother
Eventually his parents got a divorce he didn't show no remorse
It's the beginning of what got worse
Time flew started tagging on walls and stealing
Smiling on the out but in the pain was killing
Had a chance to try drugs and hangout with thugs
Could of popped a slug in somebody's mug but love
Had a hold of his heart even though it's scarred
And even though it's hard he always trusted God
Didn't wanna live that life another single day
So he got upon his knees and heard somebody say
In the future there's a victory in site
You can dry your eyes now 'cause it's gonna be all right

Verse two:
Everything is gonna be all right if you believe
Your deepest darkest cold night will soon leave
On its way is a brighter day no more rain
The sunshine will surely stay no more pain
You ask how I know because I was like you
Didn't think that I can make it didn't want to live through
But guess who was that friend of mine it was me
God brought me through the rough times out of debris
Just so I can testify to you this day
That God can see right through your body's soul like an X-ray
You can run you can run but you can't hide
But why run from the one with arms open wide
Friend of mine just believe it's gonna work out
You'll get though it hold on get some church help
In the future there's a victory in site
You can dry your eyes now it's gonna be all right

I know the pain is strong
Feel like you can't go on
Can't hold back the tears
It's to hard to face your fears
Friend you've never been alone
Cause God has always known
The cry of your heart
It's gonna be all right... oh yes it is!

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