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Don't Hate Tha Flow

This song is by Smooth Tha Messenger and appears on the album Smooth Tha Messenger (2001).

I don't know why you feel m.a.d.
If you can rap about what you want then so can we
Just because it's gospel
Positive not hostile
Something that's for your soul don't hate the flow

Verse One:
If you don't know it by now what's up my name is Smooth
I'm that gospel rap kat seven years making grooves
Now this is for the haters there's plenty out there
That hate the fact that I rap for the man upstairs
They say I'm never gonna make it to the big time
With the message that I bring one day I'll get mine
I'm repping Christ to the fullest like you do your hood
I'm gonna live Eternal life so I know it's all good
But I just can't get in to that Christian stuff
Is it because it makes you think or cause your life's messed up
That's the reason why I'm bringing Jesus to ya for sure
But the second I say Jesus you go out the back door
What's wrong you got nothing to be afraid of
Stand up and show the world what your made of dogg
I'm just trying to give you something for your soul
Now turn up the audio and don't hate the flow

Verse Two:
There ain't no stopping me playa hatas straight mocking me
If you could only see the end result then you just might believe
That's the reason why God sent me
And just like Dre y'all forgot about me
God's secret weapon the cats out the bag
And just because I'm from L.A. doesn't mean that I gangbang
I'm coming positive that's how I wanna live
I'm trying to flush evil out like a laxative
Been there done that tried this tried that
Living in Los Angeles we got things just like that
Don't be trippin' on me I'm just doing what I'm called to
Spreading the word of God not corrupting minds like y'all do
Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime
And pretty soon we'll be taking over prime time
Were just trying to give you something for your soul
Now turn up the audio and don't hate the flow