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All I Really Want

This song is by Smooth Tha Messenger and appears on the album Smooth Tha Messenger (2001).

All I really want is to be with you
You don't have to front I know you feel it too
Time is running out put away your pride
Those who live without me must recognize that...

Vocal Chorus:
All I really want is to be happy
Find someone who loves someone who loves me

Verse One:
It's the beginning of a new era, breaking barriers
Tearing down the walls straight coming through your area
Mr. Smooth spreading word like malaria
I got a thousand MC's gonna cause mass hysteria
I didn't come to push God down your throat
But if your life is like a soap opera find that remote
In other words I think your due for a change
What's the first name you call upon in trouble GOD ain't that strange?
You know he's there but you live he's not
Your life is so twisted that your name should be knot
I don't condemn you, I don't pretend to
Be-friend you and then say words that offend you
Don't you wanna be happy in life, with kids and a wife
Instead you live causing much strife
What's the future in acting like a fool?
It's time to focus in cause all he wants is you

Verse two:
I 'm a messenger from God so to you I bring the truth
Mix the beats I produce grab the mic and let loose
You know what's right yet y'all still refuse
If that's you're final answer you lose!
Life ain't no game, you got no one to blame
But yourself can't point the finger at someone else
You say you got problems don't put them on the shelf
And don't think that your sin goes undetected like a stealth
The message that I bring to you is the same one
That changed me and worldwide changed millions
But yet it's hard for you to believe
In what you cannot see so you label it a fantasy
The message that I bring today the Gospel
I'm trying out to every single lost soul
You don't have to cry no more go and dry your tears
With his arms open wide God is right here saying...