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You Think You Want Some

This song is by Smooth and appears on the album Smooth & Legit (1990).

This is for the suckers out there who think they want some
Pull up a chair and you can have some of this
Before you get down I make you kiss and then
You won't be dismissed
So pop up the wine should I say tone
This is Smooth on the microphone
I am the queen or should I say superior
I make all them Cesar rhymes feel a little bit leerier
No, I'm not a biter, no I'm not a sucker
And if you think I am, I think you better pucker up and kiss
The parching of a miss, all you suckers, you'll be first on my list
'Cause I'm a different type of girl
I play a different type of game
The title of queen I will maintain
And when I get done you'll be screaming my name
Because I always come strapped not with the gat but with a mike
Because I got it like that
My mike is like a gun I get the first shot
One down, now where's the next shot
'Cause I could be a feen when I go for the mike
But oh no, I break it down and I do it so right
I just go with the flow
Some a load, I took the mike and go
It's like a drug and you know it's like a river that's flowing
Continually going, hypnotizing and steadily knowing
Yeah, I do it for fun, I never run
Think twice before you say you want some

How many I feel will it take to stop me, to rock me
How many really feel they can top me
Especially when I'm feening, no not dreaming
I got the crowds so loudly screaming
One on one, won't be no double teaming
You get picture to what I'm meaning
I'm a bad girl, no I'm not innocent
Once with the mike I never finish it
I just replenish it and then diminish it
I keep on going until I want more then
Oh really do you wanna be my toy
It doesn't matter whether girl or boy
It doesn't matter your age sex or creed
'Cause when I'm on the mike I make all suckers bleed
Start to bleed 'cause I'm smooth in the lead
And if your smart go head

Go ahead get busy

I'm a Uzi you're the bullet
The trigger, you just pulled it
You're all around just talking a drag
Talk about my mike and wishing wish could grab
But oh no, you better think again
I'm on a mike so tell all your friends
I will flow and never end
And all you suckers go ahead and grab your pen
You'll get whipped slipped and dipped when I'm doing it
I'm not whack old fashioned, kinda new into it
It's not whack yo, you think that?
Well, it's dope and you know that
I'm MC Smooth, I let you aggravate
I let you go until I want to terminate
And then like the heat you will disintegrate
And you'll be next, sucker, if you start to perpetrate
'Cause I'm Smooth as a snake when it rattles
And I'm here never fearing a battle
Yeah, I do it for fun
So think twice before you say you want some


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