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You Gotta Be Real

This song is by Smooth and appears on the album Smooth & Legit (1990).

Turn that damn music down
Go, go, go, kick it

You got to be real
I met this guy named Tony, just too bone me he'd get with a 'rony
Thought I would oblige but I wouldn't
When he came close he knew he just couldn't get me, the F.MC
But back then I needed a friend, I looked at his face and then I thought again
Maybe he can have a chance, no
Kick it
But nah, I couldn't go that route
A girl like Smooth just had to doubt
He's not equipped for my kind
I mean my body, my soul and my mind
This guy was not quite my type
I looked at him and then I couldn't get hype
I said oh no, it's time to go home
You're not coming back because you can't ???

Real, you got to be real

I knew this other guy named Rick
Always on the smooth trip
But I had to break down his ego
Before he got to me I had to let him go
Trying to bust the move I said oh no
He tried to give me money but I still said no
He was cute, I won't lie
I felt like giving this cute guy a try
But why? It wouldn't work
This guy was cute but he was a flirt
I just didn't think that it would go
Because a girl like Smooth is not a girl like a ho
I don't give it up easy
This little boy must have thought I was sleazy
Try to approach quiet
Nah, I didn't riot

Real, you got to be real

There was someone that I knew
Thought he was a winner, oh yes this is true
He took me to dinner at his place
He was moving to quick, I said this is not a race
I said yeah boy, I need some time
So I left came back and then played with the mind
Oh yes, later to find that's him, thought he was a Tina

You got to be real

Damn, thought he was Tina, a real life unusual ballerina
I said, oh no, I've been tricked
This guy's not really on my dip
He was worthless, useless with no taste
Acting like a woman standing in my face
Step off cause you gets no rap
Turn that damn music down
You ain't having it, your face was meant to be slapped
Who would have guessed you, I just diss you
Leave you crying, leave you to die
It's a fact that you just ain't got it
Oh, you're just a little too weird, too tough
Kind of crisscross can't understand why you act that way
Turn that damn music down

Real, kick it


Written by:

Smooth, Chris Stokes, John Mitchell

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