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Where Is The Money

This song is by Smooth and appears on the album Smooth & Legit (1990).

Pump it up y'all

What's up guys it's time to get paid again
Driving fly cars but where is the money when I wanna smile
I have a nice smile but meanwhile your lies are in a bowl
Time to get paid again
You promised me cash and to have a nice handle plan
But when I asked you when you never understand it's hard
And you seem to think it's funny
But I still ask where is the money
Just realize the money is the move
You keep promising but you can't slick this move
I wanna get paid where's the persuade
Go to Jamaica and lay in the shade
Stop and call it a day
You promised it but it's the opposite
'Cause you're a fake, instead of a Benz
You imitate cause all of your cash I will take

Where is the money
Pump it up y'all

I once knew a guy Money Mon was his name
He thought he was cute but he was really insane
Promising cash and all sorts of jewels
And I fell for it just like boo boo the fool
I went to his house, no it was shack
He said he had a Benz and a Cadillac
But it was lies cause it was nothing like that
He is a bum out for fun
I asked him why they called him Money Mon
Yo, he thought it was funny
But I still said where is the money
It's another guy, dude he is really a fool
Benz one day a Pinto the next
Always out there just ready to catch
Pull you along with a big fantasy
But he was broke and you couldn't really tell
'Cause I was broke

Where is the money
Pump it up y'all

I got to have Gucci list label on
MCM and I even want more
I got to have some cash in my pocket you know
Cruise down the Star, put on a big show
Gucci, yeah LA yeah, I got to step off fly in the atmosphere
I know the best things in life are supposed to be free
Well, all the free money, you can give it to me
But no, you think it's funny when I have to ask where is the money

Where is the money
Pump it up y'all

Cruise to Aruba in my new yacht
I wear my lindress
And I just gotta got Swiss accounts all over the world
'Cause I'm know as a jet set girl
So before you wanna talk to me
You gotta have funds to get the best of me
You shouldn't have asked me why for MONEY
'Cause if you do Smooth won't be with you
I like find a guy with money when I get me a honey
I wanna get paid cold cash

Where is the money
Pump it up y'all


Written by:

Smooth, Chris Stokes, Loren Chaney

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