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It Could Have Been You

This song is by Smooth and appears on the album Smooth & Legit (1990).

Break it down

I remember that day when I first met you
I looked at you and I knew I would get you
You were so cute and you made me smile
So I stopped for a moment it was worth my while
It touched my heart when you said hi
I was just so scared that I couldn't reply
I lost my mind, did not know what to say
Just so startled, I walked away

Could have been you, turn it up

Then I decided that I wanted to speak
Hoping that his heart yet I could reach
He wouldn't talk like I wanted him to
And you know that this story is true
I gave the opportunity
But he was afraid to get with me

Could have been you, turn it up

Well, as it ended it was time to go
He asked me for my number and then I said no
I tried to start it when I first got there
But him, he was just too scared
So as I got to the door and I said goodbye
He looked so sad that he almost cried
But I thought to myself, I gave him a try

Could have been you, turn it up


Written by:

Smooth, Chris Stokes, John Mitchell

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