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I'm An Individual

This song is by Smooth and appears on the album Smooth & Legit (1990).

I'm an individual

I'm an individual like no one else
I follow only one and that's myself
When I was a child I was independent
Looking for nice in the one I'm defended
I had a friend, I had a family and that's where it ends
The tip of the tip that dough
Making more than you'll ever know
In life it doesn't where you start
It's where you finish and what's in your heart
You can express it how you want
If it's true or if you wanna front
Just do what you want
Whether from the East or the West
Just be yourself and confess
You can do what you do and go where you go
Just be an individual

I'm an individual

To be an individual you gotta be different
Can't be smoking, can't be sniffing
But be yourself not a copy
Can't be well dressed, trendy or sloppy
You can like Hip hop, New Jack or Jazz
Whatever it is that make you laugh
It doesn't matter what you like
Just be yourself and just stay high
Stay up on it, stay intact
Act accordingly, I do, I rap
Divide and conquer is the goal
Make money, go platinum, yo go go
I teach, I reach in my peak
And everybody knows that Smooth's not weak
I'm unique, that's how I go
Cause Smooth's an individual

I'm an individual


Written by:

Smooth, Chris Stokes, Loren Chaney

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