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Where Sorry's Not Enough

This song is by Smokie and appears on the album The World And Elsewhere (1995).

Wounded heart, I've been hopin'
There's a way gonna open
To a place where It's easy to forget
Every dream lyin' broken
I'm so tired of eeling this regret
Watching shadows turn to winter on your face
I don't wann live her
It's cold cold unforgiving place
Where sorry's not enough
Where the words have lost it's meaning
Where nothing I can do can make it up to you
No I can't go on living
Where sorry's not enough
All the bad moves I've been makng
All the trust I've been breaking
All the lies have been turning you to stone
Reaching out, trying to touch you
Begging you one more time
I'm standing on the edge
Watching shadows turn to winter on your face
I don#t wann live here
It's cold cold unforgiing place
Where sorry's not enough...
Apologies pour like water from my tongue
Now there's nothing left to say
As I survey the damage done
Where sorry's not enough...

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