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In The Middle Of A Lonely Dream

This song is by Smokie and appears on the compilation album Our Danish Collection (1999).

Can you be so sure of love?
Can you stop my heart from breaking
And save my tears from falling down?
Can you be so sure, my love?
You stop my heart from beating
You can make my whole world turn around
In the middle of a lonely dream

I'm begging you to stay
I'm on my knees
But you turn and walk away
You don't hear me calling out for you
You're out of reach, there's just no getting through
I know, you're so mixed up inside
Don't go, baby stay with me tonight - tell me -

Can you be so sure of love?...

I'm just a step behind
If I could catch you I would make things right
Tell me all this hasn't been in vain
I wake at night, find I'm calling out your name
Baby, what does all this mean?
Wake me, from this crazy dream - darling -

In a dream I catch a falling star
Take a look inside to see your beating heart
Just to watch it fade away

Can you be so sure of love?...

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