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Whatcha Gonna Do

This song is by Smokey Robinson and appears on the album Time Flies When You're Having Fun (2009).

Whatcha gonna do
With those beautiful fingers
When you stroke me like that
I get a thrill that lingers
Even after you take
Your hands away

The feel of your touch
Seems to stay and stay
Feels like the touch of love to me, baby
The look in your eyes
Makes me wonder what you have in mind

I'm really anxious to find out
Whatcha gonna do to me with you

Whatcha gonna do
With those beautiful lips
Just watching you talk sometimes
Sends me on trips

I'm looking right at you
But I don't hear what your saying
'Cause I'm mesmerized by your beautiful mouth
And my mind is straying

Sounds like you're talking love
To me baby
No matter what you might be talking about

I can't wait to find out
Whatcha gonna do to me with you

All you need is what you got
And you got so many assets
That make my blood run hot
To me, you're as good as it gets

Hey, hey, baby, baby

Whatcha gonna do
With a body so fine
Will you hold it against me
If I say I want you for mine

Feels like you wanna be with me, baby
Got me anticipating and waiting for what's in store
Don't make me wait anymore

Do what you wanna
Do what you feel
Do anything, baby
As long as it's real

Do it now, baby
Do it now, baby
Whatcha gonna do to me with you
Do it, baby, do it, baby
Please do it
Please do it to me
Come on, baby
Do it

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