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Woo Now Lil' Daddy

This song is by Smoked Outt and appears on the album Bussen Heads & Gettin' Paid (1999).

(Derrick Talking)
What's hapnin' lil daddy?
You want beef with uptown?
Look, uptown, uptown, look, look

(Chorus x2: Derrick)
Whoa now Lil' Daddy
You ridin' in the caddy
Killin' is just a habit
Triggers I like to grab 'em
A gangsta kid napping
For 30 G's it will happen
Lil' Daddy if I want it
You know I gotta have it

(Verse 1: Derrick)
Got my nina on hand, ready to put the blast
Get around on some gass, camouflaged or ski masked
Dressed up in black
With the Mac cocked back
Nigga watch my back because the game is like that
That charge got me wild
Sippin' on syrup and crys-tyle
Ready to blast a bitch up, ain't been like this since a child
Nigga I'm coming real, do you feel what I feel?
Listen to my skills, before your cap get peeled
This game ain't no joke, nigga get smoked buy the hour
Transportin' powder
And stacking G's like a tower
Now these hoes wanna holler
Since they see me makin' K's
Them hoes just don't know, there ain't no trickin' round my way
I'm just flippin' K's, and if you want it I'll give it
And if you want fifty
Then let me know I'm servin' plenty
Play the game raw and don't fuck the whole clique
I'ma pop ya bitch first you gon' get pistol whipped

(Verse 2: Day-shawn)
Whoa now lil daddy, this retaliation
Rattin', schemin', spit so much game couldn't count my explanation
That hoe must did not notice who she was fuckin' wit
Rattin' over petty shit
Time for that hoe wig to get split
Stupid ass hoe, shoulda kept your mouth closed
Instead of makin' that bitch move
Now you got beef with this fuckin' thug known as a psycho
And if I kill ya, it ain't gon be no secret mission
I'ma let my niggaz do you in so it ain't no competition
I'll get viscous so if you see me get the fuck out my vision
Seventeen shots from this Glock, don't need no ammunition
Broke that hoe off, I gave her stones but now its on
Shoulda mind your own business and not be a victim of this chrome
Whoa now lil daddy

(Verse 3: T.C.)
Uptown is where I'm from, Valence is the street
If I get in beef I back it up with a 223
I hit your block crooked nigga
I'm a rapper slash killer
You gon feel a HB from uptown on the realla
You know bout V. L., now you feelin' the me
I'll part ya red head like wodies across the red sea
Bitch get off me, I'm off the heezy
I'm high off top, this gangsta shit that's me
I live in the two four seven's
Choppers only, 187s and 211s
You gon' need [?????????]
Comin' in the UPT we slangin' every thang
Best move, you'll get bloozed
Chopped out ya shoes
Face on the news
What you gonna do when these ryders after you
Baby hit the gass even my boo will wet you
I'm a uptown fool who ain't playin' by no rules
Have you even sayin' shouldn't never have fucked wit that fool
Fulla that uh makin' you change that attitude I'm a uptown fool

(Talking till end)

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