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Uptown Shinner

This song is by Smoked Outt and appears on the album Bussen Heads & Gettin' Paid (1999).

(Derrick Talking)
Wussup? It's all gravy baby
My earings some of you niggaz cost (Ya nah what I'm sayin'?)
Some of you niggaz Lexus's some of you niggaz Benz's
It's all gravy, Another year
Peep it, Off top
It can't get no beutiful than that

(Verse 1: Lil Derrick)
Another year and I'm still ballin' on top
Flyin' in Jets, gettin' my cruise on in my yacht
I'm livin' large I done bought Washington: a whole block
I got a rock on my finger worth 50 G's
200 birds in my lap going for 10 a piece
I got a roley fulla ice worth 55
Stupid shive so many diamonds I can't tell the time
Every car I drive gotta be a '99
Cross over fifty and gotta have bubble-eyes
I'ma shinner ridin' 20's at 17
Me and Day-Shawn flyin' to Jamaica for 3 weeks
With 2 freaks
Patrice and Janice

'Cause I'ma uptown shinner
Number one stunner
I done brought that new Rover
I still got my Hummer
I done brought some more minutes on my prime-co-phone
Friday night I got a Cert with Mase in the superdome

(Verse 2: Day-Shawn)
I'ma little bitty shot caller
Dippin' in the Benz with the ballers
Bitches tryin' to flag us, done missed all us
But they don't know me though
They just want me because of my cameo
And every time I video
They don't know, I love stunt'n
I'll put chrome on a garbage truck
And what?
Put a 50 inside my rolex
Let's be more pracise
Now its World Disney on Ice
Ain't that nice?
(What time it is?) 10 minutes to the other diamond
Still flossin' season ya get the drift?
Which is the time that's up on my wrist
Got so much carrotts I could feed 9 generations of rabbit
Like a baby my roley whine, I'm gon shine
I'm 16 and got a presidential that would cool you off like wrist
And I'm the shhhhh
We ain't even tryin' to go there
Look at the time, tell him
But don't look too hard you could go blind like Stevie Wonder
Try to take this and I'ma send ya under
Why ya baller blockin' me and my clique?
Roley's, Benze's, Bentley's, 470's, CLK's, 320's
I'ma Uptown Shinner

(Verse 3: Lil' Derrick)
Uptown is super Sunday, get your ride waxed up
The hot girls out you know they wanna shine up
My clique on chrome once again we startin' trouble
Ryan just touch down and put 10 on a bubble
5 years is what he did, armed robbery
Tempt Murder and splittin' a wig
And my clique is still on top nigga
Me and Chuck Camero drop top nigga
Leave a four seven at Son's shop
Expedition on chrome and a bubble-eyed
Why had a dream done, done it
Big coupe in the bubble 600
Now picture me livin' next door to Jay-z
Now picture me wearin 2 roley's like Baby
Now picture me watchin TV in a streetch Hummer
Picture ya hoe sayin' "That boy Derrick he a stunna"
Picture me Sunday on 20's in a Jag bubble
Side-ways [??] and I'm burnin' rubber
Better yet I could park the Jag between the Lex bubble

(Derrick Talking)
Ya know what I'm sayin'?
Whole Bad Boy Family
Mase, Puff ya nah wha I'm sayin'?
It's all gravy baby
We ain't lovin' this shit we layin' it down nigga
Uh my nigga Day-Shawn ya nah what I'm sayin'?
It's all gravy baby
My nigga Jacadez
Uh in a Mercedez
Sittin' on chrome nigga
My nigga Keefa, Brian, Josaphine niggaz
E-wall, Chuck ya nah I'm sayin' Big Shit
It's all gravy baby
We bout to lay it down nigga Its '99 we goin' all out nigga
I got so much ice in this roley till it's a shame

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