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​Sick Kid '85

This song is by Smoke Blow and appears on the album German Angst (2003).

I'm gonna gave ya
Gave ya any of all
I gave ya all the spirit you need
Those days are gone
But they are not forgot
I have only tried in these times to be strong
I have tried and tried everything I know - how
I have died and died but still I'm alive - now
Sick kid sick kid '85
Wicked wicked
Times I've been through
Riot riot chaos riot
I don't like you
Fuck the world
Sick kid - the times I've been through
Sick kid - he's just like me
Sick kid - why didn't I fall
Sick kid - it'd just begun
My soul is strong and I'm setting it straight
I'll be the judge of your fucking fate
I don't like you - fuck the world
Class war 2002 - fuck the world
I don't like you
I don't like you
I don't like you
I don't like you