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Stop Running

This song is by Smogus and appears on the album No Matter What The Outcome (2004).

Stop running, come on admit it hurts
You can run but you can't hide your feelings
Are you absorbing your shit until you fucking burst
And when that happens I can't stop the bleeding

Why can't you see, do you really believe
You can't solve it tomorrow
It is coming back to hunt you, it'll confront you
So get up, stand your ground

I asked you please I'm down on my knees
You're slipping away through my fingers like grease
You didn't lie to me, you just denied what's true
Just open up that's what I want from you

I can't keep up with you, you break me in two
But I can't leave you alone
I am here so start to use me, please abuse me
You now that I'll be gone

You know I opened up why can't you see I cry
Don't ricochet my fire can't you see I try
I showed you mine now show me yours
One last chance for I change my course

Tell me, 'cause I can't understand
You're running away for the troubles in your life
Ain't it easier to share it with a friend
Or is ignoring your way to survive

You know I love you, I told you several times
I'm always there for you, I wrote you millions of rhymes
I won't leave you alone so don't ask me to retreat
'Cause I am here to get you back at your feet

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