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Just For Me

This song is by Smogus and appears on the album No Matter What The Outcome (2004).

I was looking at my face staring back at me
Look at the mirror hating everything reflecting me
Couldn't believe what the whole world has done to me
It was me, me, me all that I could see
I was in trouble, I was in pain
I was playing at the edge of going insane
Damn I got stuck, Always bad luck
Couldn't see all the people who were backing me up

After crying and long years of hiding
I was recognising the cycle I'm in
All this aching I'm done with this faking
This sadness I'm breaking
Again I'll begin

I blamed, the whole community
For all the shit surrounding me
That's why I got his hate in me for life
So I start looking back at me
I take responsibility
That's why I feel this sympathy for life

Suddenly I loved life again
Suddenly I even laughed again
Finally I could breath again, sleep again
I could even eat again
Life didn't seem so bad to me
I got a great band, friends and a family
And a lovely girl taking care of me
Was it me screaming "life ain't fair to me"

Past is just baggage you take on this voyage
Nothing put a package that's making you strong
Just have some faith in the choices you're making
Where ever they'll take you
It's where you belong

Why can't I just see that
My world's spinning just for me
I am a part of life
I am sick of blaiming
Everyday the same accusations
My whole life's a lie

My world is spinning just for me

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