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Good Intentions

This song is by Smogus and appears on the album No Matter What The Outcome (2004).

I'm sitting here for hours just listening to the rain
Trying to get up, pick it up, but it's all invain
Every muscle is resisting the thought
I can't move
What am I gonna do baby I'm all alone
The biggest love of my life became someone I've known
I know it's my decision and I'll make it again
But that doesn't ease the pain that my heart is in

I broke every promise I made and I fucking lied
I choked you can say what you want but you can't say that we haven't tried
It was forced, 'cause of all these fights we couldn't love no more
In the end, we both didn't know what, what we were fighting for

I feel so cold inside
Thoughts and actions they collide
I just know that there is no tomorrow
For us both so I just wrap it up and go

I hoped that I could drop it shit's gone to far
I reached the point of no return, let it burn, until it scarred
Too much rejection, so many imperfections
A lot of good intentions but no actions

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