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Be Real

This song is by Smogus.

You won't see me when it's coming to ya
I come from behind and put a bullet right through ya
I'll nail your balls against the wall
Till one of 'em falls and someone calls the cops
And then it stops
So I can fuck your girl till her belly flops
Now that's the way I operate
So don't tell me that I don't fly straight now
One, Two, coming trough
You wanna fuck with me well fuck you to
'Cause when I look at myself I can't complain
There's nothing left in life to gain

Do you think your balls are made of steel (be real)
You're a super fly G in your batmobile (be real)
To win a discussion you end it with steel (be real)
Faith will catch up that's part of the deal

Now let me explain a bit of my vision
I can fuck anytime I don't need no permission
So I walk to the hottest girl and give her my card
You can be with me, you make my dick hard
But you better be wise and piss off when you're red
I'll find another tight pussy I can make my cat
Drop that lawsuit I know she said
NO but she just played hard to get
There can never be enough girlies for me
Three giving me head watching porn on TV
One cooking dinner two waiting in the bathtub
They ain't complaining so don't call me scrub

Do you think there's a god helping you when you kneel (be real)
There's more behind the peach that you peal (be real)
You don't need a rubber it's less that you feel (be real)
How can you deny that aids is for real (be real)

How many have to die
Before we open our eyes
How many have to die
Until it's time we realise
How many have to die
Until we stop being blind
How many have to die
To free our mind

Why should I show some respect when there's nothing I feel

What ever I do it is you I reveil (be real)
When you think I won't I'll take over the wheel (be real)
When something is rotten it will never heal (be real)
This ain't your last supper this is your last meal (be real)

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