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Double Standard

This song is by Smiling Matchmen.

One day you just said you'd never leave me down
But now I see you're gone
The things you've said in bed seemed only proven wrong
The pain you brought back to my heart

'Cause you've said that you'd never leave me down
All the things you've said in bed were only proven wrong instead
Because the lies you told me since you never cared
Make me say your love is something I will never bear again.

Why had you fucking lied ? I just want to know the truth
Insincerity made me feel so rude
You stabbed me in the back and said you'd want to talk again
Can't you see to me you're not even a friend?

You threw me your shit like if it's what you always do
Now I know too well, it's all so true
You learned nothing from the after and before
So I swear no one will trust you anymore

You didn't express what you felt the right way
You thought you'd blame it all on me
But as I let out a tear of my eye
You knew no longer I would hear or cry
You try to put me in comfort of mind
When all you do is make me fear to find.
But now I'm free.

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