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On The List (Skit)

This song is by Smilez And Southstar and appears on the album Crash The Party (2002).

[Smilez:] ooh this club is live, south.I'm feelin' us dog.
[Man:] yo get to the back of the line!
[Southstar:] excuse me sir, sir
[Man:] yeah what you want
[Southstar:] we on the [?] list, smilez and southstar, smilez and southstar
[Man:] [?]southtro[?] yeah whatever man
[Smilez:] smilez and southstar, homeboy!
[Man:] oh all right, let me check the list.oh I see your name
[Southstar:] okay, let's go, let's go
[Man:] but hold up,
[Both:] what?
[Man:] ya cannot came in here dress like that
[Smilez:] yo what you mean, man, what are you talking about?
[Man:] yo this is what I'm talkin' about!ya got the tims on, the badanas on, the hats
Backwards, that shit is not fly is this club.
[Smilez:] so you sayin' it's not fly, well yo, we'll be right back,
[Man:] ya come back now, ya hear?
[Smilez:] [?]you know what we gotta do, right?
[Southstar:] yeah, let's go do this.
(Stats walking)
[Smilez:] fuck[?] man
(Gets in car)
[Smilez:] I got something for[?] dog
[Southstar:] get the fuck out of...
(Turns on ignition)
[Smilez:] ay yo ?? coming in now!
(Drives car to club, everyone screams)

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