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Luv-A-Bo (Skit)

This song is by Smilez And Southstar and appears on the album Crash The Party (2002).

(Radio finding a station)

Wanna thank y'all for tunnin in tonight
You're hangin' and bangin' with luv-a-bo wjvl
Wanna thank my boy's gary and mark for callin' in tonight
There in some hot water with the ladies
I think they got cought up in some kind of group mana-ja-twakinda thing if you know what I'm sayin'
I got somethin' for you boys,
Somethin' smooth,
Somethin' to get your groovy-groove on
Just relax and concentrate
On doin' your hand
In your girly girls chipdip
Feel this one boys,
This one is called
Let's get naked

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