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This song is by Smile.

How long has it been,
I - was - on - my - own??

This world I'm in... until the end...

Everything that's w/ me,
Is always what's so empty...
I'm stuck in this situation,
Stuck in your durations...

How - much - more - can I stand?
Before - I - Break down - again...

God forbid, that i
Leave the home, that i
Grew up trapped, in a
Family that had no...
Direction to it, and
Fuck, I lived through, it and
God, I knew, I would,
But - I - need - out!

This world that I'm stuck in... closing in...

With the dreams, I have
I shed the skin I had,
Turn my back, on the
Ones who broke me!

World - I - hate so - dearly -
This - world I hate - sincerly - and -
This - is - the - end - of, the life I was living...
The life I was living...

And now I start again...
W/ a new life's end...
Again (x3)

A shadow's open door taunts me to this new beginning...
A step out to the darker side of things...
I look into myself to see if I have any thing else,
But the only thing I see... IS TO LEAVE!
I need this thing,
Just this one thing,
A new beginning,
To leave all the things I was...

This world I'm stuck in... CLOSING IN!
This world I'm stuck in... UNTIL THE END!

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