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Can't Be

This song is by Smile.

I - knew - you - would -
Help - me - fail - you -

GONE! (x8)

With this SHADE
That you PAINT
On my SKIN
And with this PAIN
I bleed on YOU
You turn YOUR
Back to ME

Inside of my FLESH
Your poisons they CRAWL
I scratch at my FACE
They wont leave ME
Take out the KNIFE
I'll find them all!
Give me the truth!
That which you, hide!

CAN'T BE! (x4)

I put so much TRUST
Into what IS
'Cause you were WHAT
Was not broken
And I let you LIVE
With and in ME
I gave you ALL
I made for, me!

Can't be...
Can't be...
What you did to me...
It just can't be...

Why'd I let you!
Feed from me!
I know I should have left you!
But I wouldn't see!

Now I know!
Now I know!

No more's left of me...
Because you let me die slowly...
And then I learned I could breathe...
But it would always hurt me...

CAN'T BE! (x8)

'Cause of you I'LL
Always know me!
You dug it ALL
Out of me!

CAN'T BE! (x4)
I know I know it CAN'T BE! (x2)
I believe I believe it CAN'T BE! (x2)

God - I've - lived - past - all - I - can - handle!

Shove me back down in this, this hole I'm stuck in...
But I guess you can't because you left me...

And then once you left -
Everything changed!
My senses went numb -
And reality left me!

Put me back in my place, like you always did...
Break my skin - I don't care, I'm in too much pain anyways...

CAN'T BE! (x4)
I knew it fucking couldn't be!
I know it fucking can't be!
I knew it fucking couldn't be!
I know it fucking can't be!

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