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Smif N Wessun - K.I.M. 2000

This song is by Smif-N-Wessun.

Oh nah these ain't raps man
I just want to talk to ya
Or should I say rap to ya...

As I sit here holding my pen, ink on my ped
Reminded of the things I did, all that I have,
I know where I've been, so I know where I'm going,
To hell if I don't pray, that's what grandma told me, we used to laugh and joke,
Now I'm sipping from my glass, saying pass the smoke,
Taking trips round the world just to rap at shows,
Kids say Smif N Wessun got classic flows,
We scribe timeless diamonds, more than just rhymes,
Each line could be used as tools for surviving, I ain't lying, it raised me right,
Keep my goals and my aims in sight, this shit crazy right,
'Cause even if my rhymes crazy tight, DJ's won't play me right,
But hey! that's all right, I know every song I right
Is how I turn all my wrongs to rights,
So when I'm wrong I'm right,
So when I'm gone you might play the song and remember why you born in life,
Everybody has a purpose believe me it's true,
People come into your lives just to leave you with jewels,
So if I could do the same, then my job is done,
Then the rest is up to you, only god can judge
Onlye god can judge,
I do the best with the worst I got,
Some just want to see you fail,
So I'm keeping it moving,
I'm keeping it moving,
I hear the gossip and the same old rumors,
Everybody got a story to tell,
So I'm keeping it moving,
I'm keeping it moving

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