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If You Love Your Country You're Probably Rich

This song is by Smash The Statues.

The stupid and the ignorant wave hand in hand
Side by side with sparkling eyes
Our royal son is getting married
Our royal son is getting married

Right between them stands this lonely woman
Holding a sign that says:
"Why can't I get a residence permit while she can?"

How can there be such a big difference in
What we earn and what we get and
What they earn and what they get and
What we earn is what they get

2 men arrive, wearing blue
They grab her by the wrist and she gets
Handcuffed, taken to the office
Handcuffed, taken to the office

I'd like to see a society where they would never have the chance
To take the money that once was ours and be more privileged than we are
Where we won't have to be afraid to lose every single thing we've got
Where they won't take away, where they would listen to what we would say

Fuck the monarchy! yeah!

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