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Come On Come On (East Bay Sessions)

This song is by Smash Mouth and appears on the compilation album All Star Smash Hits (2005).

Grab the keys to my car
I'm on my way
Can you tell me just where I'm going
Occupational skills Don't have a clue
'Cause my minds in motion
Just trying to relax I find myself on the couch
With big plans but there's always tomorrow
There's nothing wrong with me or the way that I'm thinking

Come on, come on, and tell me what your thinking
Come on, come on, and stop, this attitude taken
Come on Come on and tell me what is taking so long for you to recognize and stop

Another day in the sun I'm having fun feel the heat beating down on me
I take a look in the sky a plane goes by is that the reason that I can't breathe
I take a look and I wonder why, why these birds don't fly
It's hard for me to see and I believe my oh my

Yeah, yeah, yeah...
I took a trip to the bar does my money go far can you show me just how to spend it
Moving around I like the sound I find myself looking pretty stupid
If I had a gal she'd be in a dress I better slow my drinking down
If I don't get it together tonight they're gonna run me out of town

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